About Us

Fun Dimensions is part of an innovative group of companies creating and designing products for making life more fun for you and others... Our products and ideas started with simple creative changes to ordinary products and making them fun.    


A.D. Whipple has spent most of his life in creative pursuits , music , writing and illustrating children's books are among the things he enjoys doing. He surrounds himself with very creative and talented people. Some of those he has working with him have worked with Disney, Warner brothers , as well as with a myriad of other large companies. On the manufacturing and marketing side of the company he has equally impressive people working with him. One spent most of his adult life in the orient setting up and running very large companies. from 6,000 to 20,000 employees. He retired at a young age of 50 with many large job offers on the table and now is enjoying managing as  C.E.O. one of the A.D. Whipple companies. Others involved with our companies are very skilled in computer graphics , running and expanding business and sales. Two Tired Plumbers publishing is a partnership between Ralph Fallentine and A.D. Whipple. Ralph Fallentine is a very talanted  and creative writer . His childrens stories are brought to life by the artistic talents of A.D.Whipple, Together they have created a number of memorable childrens books with wonderful messages and stories about life.  Their creativity is a perfect blend as  all childrens books should all have. Fun Dimensions  was a concept in 1984 and then formed into a creative and manufacturing company a short time later by A.D. Whipple .. Fun Dimensions is designing and manufacturing plastic party utensils for all occasions.  A.D. Whipple and the team of artists he has working with him have been and are  now working on a whole new vision of creative products for this market. and will soon be introducing and marketing them

Over the past years, we relocated our production facilities to China and Mexico in order to bring our customers a better priced product and an increased production capacity.   We can now offer our wholesale customers any quantity of product that they require.

Because of new managerial personnel and the control that we have been able to maintain at the China and Mexico Plants,  we can still offer you the best quality products, as well as the best price.

FunDimensions is committed to a quality product and quality service. Our utensils are engineered to provide substantial tensile strength when used. (Nothing is worse than having a fork break while you are trying to eat with it.)

Under normal use (and some abnormal use) our utensils do not break. You will love them so much that you won't want to throw them away after the party.  In fact - Kids will be excited because they will want to take them home after the party

FunDimensions has been manufacturing Plastic Injection Molded Products since

in business since 1994.